I-MAGAZINE was founded in 2008 and was an online only magazine up until July 2014 when we started printing the publication and selling it into retail via centrally placed newsagents in London, Cheltenham, Bristol, Oxford and Cambridge etc, it is also sold in Selfridges and Harrods.

I-MAGAZINE is published by Merlin Publishing – merlinpublishing.co.uk which is a publishing house which also produces premium magazines and coffee table books for various brands and businesses.

The team at I-MAGAZINE are great at what we do, we are all extremely passionate about our work and derive a lot of pleasure from making sure that we focus on the details that come together to make a great magazine or book.

I-MAGAZINE itself focuses on business, politics, lifestyle and culture, excellence in all of which are universal values and therefore the magazine can be (and is) enjoyed by an international readership.

The goal of I-MAGAZINE is to promote business, politics, lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle to those who are aware of it and those who seek upward social mobility, reaching for the best and trying to be the best that you can be is something that transcends class, race, social background etc. It is these things that are the core of what aim to do and we hope you like it.

Our Team

Contributing Culture Editor
Henry Hopwood Phillips

Offline Designer
Paul Martin

Lifestyle Editor
D.D Osborne

Group Public Relations Manager
Alana Charlotte Panton

Lifestyle Ambassador
Professional Polo Player – George Meyrick

Asia Editor
Matthew Davies

I-MAGAZINE Japan Edition Editor
Michiko Asanuma